ROX KNEE wins Damagermany 2018!

Damagermany 2018 ended with a big success and ROX Knee from south Korea raised the damagermany champions trophy for the second time. After losing against the incredible Kaneandtrench in the Top48 winner bracket, Rox Knee managed to beat all his opponents including Jimmy J tran from USA and got the revenge against Kane in the grand final. Also Gunni from France who ended up 3rd, showed an amazing performance and managed to kick Jimmy J tran out from the tournament. You can find the whole bracket here:  


Here are the Results for Damagermany 2018 :

1. Rox Knee

2. Kaneandtrench

3. Gunni

4. Asim

5. Dinosaur

5. Jimmy J Tran

7. Hidealot1

7. HarryPotter

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