10 years ago as a young motivated tekken player, I traveled the world.
I attended many tournaments and had the best but also the worst event experiences.
Using this collection of experiences, I wanted to organize a tekken tournament that would be perfect for German players.
A tournament from players made for the players and supported heavily by the German community.
I organized my first nameless tournament, in a small city in some random cheap location. So I was surprised when I got over 80 players from Germany and even top foreign players from Italy and Poland come along.
However what amazed me the most was the level of positive feedback I received from the community.
This touched me so much that I felt motivated to organize a bigger, better and more professional tournament, hence the birth of:
The First DAMAGERMANY in 2010: A tournament from players... for players...
My name is Sabri Badri and I am a passionate tekken player.


in numbers

  • DamagermanY 2010:
    - One day of 4 tournaments (Tekken 6, Street Fighter 4, Third Strike, Blazblue) with over 150 Attendees (120 of those just for Tekken). 
    - 2 guest stars (KNEE and NIN from SouthKorea)
    - 2000 Euro cashprice
  • DamagermanY 2011:
- 2 day event with 3 tournaments  (Tekken 6, Street Fighter 4, Blazblue) with over 250 Attendees (158 for Tekken)
- 7 guest stars: JDCR and Hankuma from Korea, Ryan Hart from the UK, Starnab from France, FightingGM and Dieminion from USA and lastly AO from Japan)
- 4000 Euro cashprice
  • DamagermanY 2012
- 2 day event with 4 tournaments - (3 Tekken Games: Tekken 6, Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Prime 3DS) with over 160 Attendees for tekken
- 2 guest stars (JDCR and NIN from Korea)
- 3000 Euro cashprice
There were more national DamagermanY events called Mini DamagermanY which were dedicated to German Nationals.
The last DamagermanY held in October 2012 was run in cooporation with Namco Bandai as the official German Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Championship.



We are currently working so hard on the next Damagermany and spending a lot of our spare time to achieve the best tournament experience for every Tekken player.




 I, Sabri Badri (aka SabreDabre), might be the organizer and host of the DamagermanY event, but the ones who made this Europe's biggest Tekken event are the german community. I am so thankful to so many people who have supported me throughout the event: Especially Tobias Schoknecht (aka Aresone), Tolga Nalbantoglu (Aka ElTurko), Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son), Fatih Polat (Aka Pascha), Celebi Bilge (aka Ceb) and every single player who joined and supported the recent events. Once more, thank you very much and I hope to see all of you again this year.

“From the players... For the players...”